Jayla’s ‘Louder’ Video premieres Tomorrow



Even before fans could finish enjoying her current song and video, “school is over”, 15 year old Jayla has hit her fans with another song titled “Louder” and the video would be premiered tomorrow at Cahaya at East legon in Accra.

Signed onto the Lynx Entertainment music label, Jayla already has songs like ‘lyk seriously’, ‘school is over’ on the airwaves, all produced by singer/super-producer Richie Mensah. It is not surprising that the 15 year old Jayla is leaving no stone unturned in her budding career and there is absolutely no stopping her.


In an interview with the excited Jayla, she laid emphasis on the fact that, it is time female secular musicians see her as a force to reckon with. According to Jayla , her dream is to capture the hearts of the youth with her music.

“I am not in for games, I am ready for whatever competition that is out there and based on this, I entreat all and sundry to be there to make my premiere a success,” said Jayla. “Whatever I am doing, I am doing it for the youth so that they can have a sense of belonging so far as music is concerned.”





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