I Love Guys With Dreadlocks – MzVee


For all the many young men who may have eyes for the dancehall music artiste, Mzvee, the hint has been dropped. Mzvee has a soft spot for guys who wear dreadlocks and wouldn’t mind dating someone with that hairstyle.
According to Mzvee, aka Vera Hemanoo-Kpeda, even though she is currently single and concentrating on her education and music career, a man with dreadlocks is the most likely mate for her.

“There is something about guys with dreadlocks that gets my attention, I love and admire guys who grow their hair neat and I don’t think I will have a problem dating or marrying someone like that,” she said.

She was also emphatic that her liking for guys with dreadlocks has nothing to do with her genre of music which is dancehall, where almost all the guys who take that path wear dreadlocks.

In response to whether she was not bothered about the perception society has about guys with dreadlocks; that they are ragamuffins, she said:“I don’t really mind, that is what they think but I believe there are responsible and principled guys who are always on point so what society thinks doesn’t matter to me.”

Speaking about a compliment fellow dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy, paid her recently that “MzVee is beautiful, intelligent and has the shape I want in an ideal woman, she said: “I didn’t have a problem with that but if he proposes, I will have to scrutinise him before giving him an answer.”

She described Stonebwoy as a very calm, cool, respectable, humble and very good boyfriend material but as at the moment, because he has not popped the question, she sees him as a “brother from another mother.”

Touching on other issues, MzVee said she has no intentions of adding chemicals to her hair and asked people who are wondering if she can manage the natural hair for long to “wait and see”.

“I know it is difficult to manage natural hair, but I have no intention of perming it, it is natural hair for life, and if the worse happens, I will cut it or lock it permanently,” she said.

MzVee had a stint with music about two years ago as a member of the now defunct D3 group. She is currently under the management of Lynxx Entertainment and has songs like Borkor Borkor featuring VVIP, Natural Girl also featuring Stonebwoy and Harmatttan all of which are currently receiving considerable airplay to her credit.




Source: Delali Sika/Frontpage Media/Graphic Showbiz


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