Polygamy is a Good Cultural Practice – SAMINI


Dancehall singer Samini last Friday made public his thoughts on polygamy when he stated that that sort of marriage is a good cultural practice that should be upheld.

Speaking on the Delay Show, the singer who was sometime purported to have two wives, said that polygamous men in his view are responsible men, who are not ashamed to take responsibility of their children and wives. Such attitude, according to him, prevents broken homes and fosters marital harmony.
He went further to admit his involvement with two women at a particular time but said the relationship had to be called off due to lack of understanding among them. He is currently married to one of them and has four children.

The artiste attributed the experiences in his childhood in Northern Ghana and the culture of his ethnic group as the basis for his beliefs on marriage, adding that there could only be harmony in a polygamous marriage, if the parties involved understood each other.

Meanwhile, Samini has also added his voice to the #BringBackOurGirlsCampaign# via his release of a new joint. In it, he calls for prayers to God to save Africa and the Universe while urging that “we are one family and we must live in harmony, so bring back our girls today and let’s live as one family”.




Source: The General Telegraph


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