SCANDAL! Shatta Wale Exposes George Quaye and Charterhouse?

It looks like we are scratching just the surface of the inner dealings of the Ghana Music Awards. Shatta Wale has shared what looks like portions of a Whatsapp conversation with the Public Relations Officer for Charter House,  George Quaye, popularly known as Aboagye.

In the chat, we get the impression that, George Quaye is asking Shatta Wale about being the opening act for the 15th edition of the Ghana Music Awards. Shatta Wale on the other hand, asked George if manager, Bulldog had not already spoken to him about how much he was going to charge to perform.

George responded with a single “Wow”. Of course overwhelmed by the figure we presume. It also looked like Aboagye had fore knowledge of who was going to take home the artiste of the year as he wrote “As for the award, no shaking. I dey with you and i believe everything will go well”. This makes us ask a few questions.
Is KPMG sharing the voting statistics with CharterHouse before the night of the event? How indeed is the collation of public votes and industry votes done?

The caption to the photo however said “Charter house is a liar..”
As to which lie in particular Shatta Wale is referring to,we have no idea. It looks as though there is an issue with integrity in the awarding system. A lot more questions needs asking. We will keep you updated.check out the photo below.

This evening however, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie are billed to headline the Tigo Switch concert at the jubilee park in Kumasi.





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