‘Asore’ says it for Kay Wusu

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It’s been a long time coming for highlife musician, Kay Wusu, with over a decade in music wilderness but the singer believes his time to shine has indeed come with the release of his first single ‘Asore’.

Real name Anthony Kofi Owusu, the singer has been quietly honing his craft for all these years but believes this year will be his breakout year as his recently released song is causing quite a stir on the airwaves.

The highlife tune is in preparation for the release of his album later this year. ‘Asore’ according to the ‘afro-centric’ highlife musician is a song that he wrote to help people. “When someone is asleep and you want to wake him up, you say to him in Twi ‘sore’ which means to wake up. So in that sense, it’s a motivational song,” he said.

“Another aspect of the song talks about the changes that can occur in one’s life after an encounter with the Holy Spirit but then this song is not a gospel song. For example, someone can turn a new leaf and build a church after such an encounter. I added all those things to come up with the song. You can use ‘Asore’ to energise anything that is dead and is in need of resurrection,” he added.

A distinctive and unmistakable highlife tune, ‘Asore’ introduces fans to Kay Wusu’s sense of humour which is sure to get patrons laughing whilst gyrating and burning the dance floor every single time. Kay Wusu is a native of Nsuta in the Eastern Region and described himself as a troublesome child when he was growing up. A serendipitous meeting with a man of God who prayed for him changed him for good, according to him, and that is one of the things that inspired his new single.

Signed to Maddhaus Entertainment, Kay Wusu hopes to make a great mark in the local music industry and even beyond. With the release of ‘Asore’ and subsequent offerings, he hopes he can help other musicians confused about the genre of music to do to find themselves.

“In Africa and Ghana for that matter, we take a lot of foreign influences from abroad and that doesn’t help us to develop. I won’t condemn rap but I think we’ve abandoned our cultural heritage that our ancestors left us. And all I want to do is to take us back to cherishing our culture and the things that are indigenous to us, to celebrate our uniqueness as Ghanaians.”

According to the singer, the video, which was shot in-house by his record label, Maddhaus Entertainment is currently being played on some major television stations in the country.

Kay Wusu hopes his new single would make a huge impact with music fans, especially as the Easter season approaches.

In his last words, Kay Wusu says fans should expect his next single ‘Mo Nnwe’ in the upcoming weeks and thanked his record label, fans and all well wishers for their support.


Download and Listen to ‘Asore’ HERE


Source: Jerry King


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