Read Up! – Everything You Need To Know At Age 28


Here I am at 28 (right) as a Quartermaster on the Chusan P&O cruise ship. I  spend much of my time reading and learning touch typing as one day I want to be a writer.
My companion is an Australian photographer who takes photos of the passengers, but had once worked with film stars.


I would say (speaking as an 83 year old)

You only have about 70 years left, so don’t waste them on:

  • Earning more money than you need
  • Learning more things than you need or are interested in
  • Buying more items than you need
  • Getting more friends than you need
  • Eating more food than you need
  • Trying to impress people out of vanity
  • Spending money on conspicuous consumption
  • Wasting other people’s time
  • Pursuing goals that have no purpose
  • Getting involved in projects that you have doubts about
  • Getting involved with people you are not serious about
  • Trying to be smart for the sake of it
  • Other people’s opinions if you have no intention of accepting them
  • Imposing your beliefs and opinions on others
  • Trying to find meaning and purpose in life other than your instincts

I would also say:

  • Keep a diary
  • Organise your life
  • Don’t get into debt
  • Don’t assume you will ever have time to do anything you can’t do now
  • Don’t involve yourself with people who intend to use you
  • Don’t use other people
  • Learn to trust those who accept your trust
  • Value people for their true worth
  • Learn to talk to your parents
  • Learn to talk to women (and learn to listen)
  • Learn to talk to yourself
  • Learn to believe in yourself
  • Learn to be tolerant of others
  • Learn to think before you speak
  • Learn to think before you answer
  • Learn to appreciate the moment
  • Learn to share your thoughts
  • Learn to respond according to the situation

I know that 70 years sounds like a long time when looking forward. It is yesterday when looking backward. Learn that before it happens.

Goodbye, and see you there.


2014 March. I am 83 Standing under a rainbow that someone chopped down. I became a writer, and specialised in rainbow fixing.

Source: Stan Hayward, Film/TV/Book writer


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