A Plus: “I Don’t See Myself As A Musician…Fooling Is My Hobby”

Anyone who has had the opportunity of previewing the adventures of A-Plus in recent times, will not be wrong in describing him as Ghana’s ‘Will Smith’.

The controversial musician who is about to surprise the movie industry has been featured in a series named “Accra Stay by Plan”. The series is a ten minute rib-cracking comedy episode introducing A Plus as the lead actor.

The upcoming comedy series, according to A-Plus, will also be shown on major international airlines and some selected TV channels across the country.

A-Plus, who was recently banned from BBC Africa’s Facebook wall revealed that, “Accra Stay by Plan” will spark some more controversies.

When Peacefmonline.com spoke to him on phone, he said “I’m not controversial. I don’t have to make music to be popular. I don’t have to even say anything. I just have to show people love and respect and they will always stand by me. I don’t have fans. Fans will neglect you when you don’t have a hit or anything to talk about. I have friends.

“…at least five thousand friends on Facebook, I have too many people who refer to me as a musician but don’t even know “Mirror Mirror” is my song. They just love me. That is real love,” he said.

He noted that, showing respect and love to his friends has helped him achieved his dreams in the entertainment industry.

“I’m not a comedian. I’m just a Fanti man making people laugh or if you like, Fooling is our hobby…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; this does not come as a surprise. The name on my birth certificate is Kwame Asare Obeng; I choose to be called A Plus and my brother Kwabena Kwabena named me Akoti from a joke I told. I think I like that name but my father up above has given me a new name; Mr Versatile,” he said.

A-Plus, who prefers the name “handsome and versatile”, has promised to take Ghana’s entertainment industry to even higher level.

Source: Peacefmonline.com


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