Blakk Rasta In Hell At Hitz FM

In life, it is said that when you throw a ball against a wall, it surely bounces back to you. This is currently the fate of radio presenter Blakk Rasta as he’s finding life at Hitz FM very difficult these days.

Known for his often controversial views on various issues, Blakk Rasta has in the past dished out insults to a lot of people in the society, big or small, high or low and famous or not-so-famous. One of the people who have undergone such verbal abuse from the reggae singer is Mark Okraku Mantey.

According to sources, in the past, Blakk Rasta has variously described Mark Okraku Mantey as a school-drop out and other unprintable insults which he (Mark) endeavored to ignore over the years. Fate, as usual, had other things in store for both of them.

As is presently the case, Mark Okraku Mantey has been appointed Programs Manager at Hitz FM, which automatically makes him Blakk Rasta’s immediate boss. This development, according to sources, has made life a veritable living hell for Blakk Rasta, seeing as someone he described as a school drop-out sometime ago has been appointed his boss, he the so-called University graduate.

Sources have confirmed to Frontpage Media that these days when Blakk Rasta goes to work, he walks around like a lost man, apparently dazed by this wicked blow life has dealt him. Till date, the host of ‘Taxi Driver’ on Hitz FM has not mustered the courage to utter even two words to his boss, Mark Okraku Mantey.

Karma is a wicked mistress indeed.


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