Fix These Common Misconceptions About Life


It’s time to fix some misconceptions.

Going to college does not guarantee you a job that you will be happy with. Following your passion is a much better strategy.

Blasting out your resume to a million companies is not an effective way to get an interview. Figure out the most pressing challenges that the leaders in your desired industry face, and solve them — and those people will begin calling you.

Getting hired by a big company does not mean that they will take care of you for the next few decades. Discovering and developing your highest leverage skills, and building a network of people with values you believe in — will.

Doing work you don’t believe in to move up an imaginary ladder and buy flashy things is not an effective way to get the respect and admiration you are seeking. Following a path that’s true to yourself will.

Becoming rich and popular does not mean that you will wake up in the morning feeling happy. Utilizing your greatest gifts to improve life for those who need it most will.

You do not need to find your one and only soulmate before a certain age to be complete. You are already whole.

You do not need to buy thoughtless gifts for every holiday to prove to people that you’re a good person and a loyal friend. If you are, they’ll already know.

You do not need a mortgage and a white picket fence to be a success. It’s just a silly concept overall.

You do not need to take a pill or a shot every time you sneeze. Eat better foods, take some vitamins, do some physical activities you enjoy, sleep more than everyone else you know, minimize the negativity and stressful activities in your life — and you won’t get sick.

You do not need a gym membership to get in shape.

You do not need to attend a house of worship to be a good person.

You do not know how you negatively impact the people close to you until you ask them and listen closely.

Diet soda and sugar free candy are worse for you than the regular kind.

Whole Foods are not whole.

Every kiss does not begin with kay.

Diamonds are not forever.

Kanye West is not Jesus.

Marijuana is not more dangerous for you than beer.

The cabinets and closets are not too small. You have too much stuff.

Wealth does not trickle down.

Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

The bottom line:

Much of what we have been raised to believe was not logical or rational, and was based off of fear and control. By taking out the time to examine it all and seek all of our biases, we can discover a better way to live.

source: Jordan Phoenix


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